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In Zambia we fight our heroes and Veterans!

Veteran Sports Journalist Chapadongo Lungu writes..

Those that aspire to run football affairs should learn a lot from this.

People who have played at the highest level and contributed immensely to its development at club and national level deserve special treatment… e.g. Jericho Shinde should have a special seat at Iciliata and so should Kashimoto at Shinde and Fred Mwila at Arthur Davies, same as Peter Mhango at Woodlands.

And of course Elijah Litana should have his special seat at Heroes together with all heroes, some of whom are too obvious to mention.

That’s what civilised countries do world over.

In my country, the story is different. Those that contributed to the growth of the game are ignored and even ostracized from their own game…

we’re petty…..and sometimes I feel that’s why the gods have turned their backs on us..




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