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EIGHT Zambian nationals currently incarcerated in Namibian correctional facilities are set to return to their home country to serve the reminder of their sentences.

The extradition is in accordance with an agreement between the governments of Zambia and Namibia on the transfer of sentenced offenders.

The minister of home affairs, immigration, safety and security has already approved the transfer application of two inmates.

The transfer process is currently awaiting a decision by the Zambian Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

Namibian Correctional Service (NCS) spokesperson, assistant commissioner Salmi Hangula said applications for the transfer of the remaining six Zambian nationals are being considered by minister Albert Kawana.

“In essence, a total of 77 Zambian nationals out of a total of 160 Zambian nationals incarcerated in correctional facilities in Namibia applied for a transfer to Zambia to serve the remainder of their sentences. A total of 83 are yet to apply,” she said.

Hangula said of the 77 inmates who applied for a transfer, only eight have national documents, while 69 did not provide any proof of citizenship.

“The Zambian high commission to Namibia was approached in June 2022 to assist in ascertaining the citizenship of the 69 inmates and provide proof of their Zambian citizenship,” she said.

The transfer agreement between the two countries, however, will not apply to a 41-year-old Namibian who was sentenced to death for committing murder in Zambia.

There are five other Namibian nationals incarcerated in correctional facilities in Zambia who can apply for a transfer to serve the remainder of their sentences in Namibia. Their sentences range from nine months for illegal entry into Zambia, to 10 years for attempting to smuggle persons.

Namibia has also ratified transfer of sentenced offenders agreements with the Republic of Angola and the Russian Federation.

These agreements are in the final stage of entry into force.

“The last written notice from the parties through diplomatic channels for the completion of all internal procedures required for its commencement are in progress,” said Hangula.

She said the agreement with the Republic of Botswana has been submitted to Cabinet for approval.

According to statistics provided by the NCS, there are 33 Namibian nationals incarcerated in correctional facilities in Angola of whom, 22 were already sentenced, while 11 are awaiting trial.

The sentences range from 11 months to 22 years for crimes such as murder, rape, human trafficking, robbery and drug trafficking.

The NCS further reported that there are two Namibians detained in prisons in Botswana.

One is sentenced to one year for obtaining credit by false pretenses, and the other to serve five years for stock theft.

Last week, The Namibian reported that 22 Namibians are incarcerated in correctional facilities in South Africa.

However, the figure, according to the NCS, is 26, which consists of 18 who have been sentenced, and eight who are awaiting trial.

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